Why Your AC System is Using Too Much Electricity

Your air conditioner should be energy-efficient to avoid high utility costs. However, there comes a time when the air conditioner’s power consumption exceeds the normal rate. Find out why your AC system in LaBelle, FL, is consuming too much electricity.

Lack of AC Maintenance

When did you have an AC professional examine your air conditioning system last? One of the common reasons your AC system uses too much power is lack of air conditioner maintenance. It would be best to plan for a routine check and have a professional clean and uncover any underlying AC problems.

Proper care and maintenance will do more than just reduce your electricity bill. It increases the lifespan of your AC system and prevents frequent and costly air conditioning repairs.

Old AC System

Even with proper maintenance, an old AC system is expensive to run. The majority of components in an older system are already failing due to wear and tear, forcing your air conditioner to draw in more power than usual. It’s time to upgrade your system to an energy-saving modern version.

Modern models are efficient, meaning they use less energy. Always consult an expert for the best model suitable for your home.

Failing Parts

Your AC system uses more electricity if some parts, like the capacitors, motor and condenser, fail. Further, your air conditioner will be less efficient due to too much strain on the functioning parts. If you don’t address the issue, your system might experience a total breakdown.

Notify your service technician immediately if you notice any signs that your system is in need of AC repairs. Some of the most common signs include strange noises, unusual smells and uneven cooling. It helps prevent more serious damage.

Low Refrigerant

An air condiitoner uses refrigerant to cool your home. The system is usually ineffective if the refrigerant is low. In addition, a unit running low on refrigerant consumes a lot of energy.

Typically, refrigerant runs low due to leaks in the system. You need a professional service technician to determine the exact cause of leaks and correct the problem. Subsequently, you’ll solve the problem of high power consumption.

Are you looking for an HVAC company that cares about your comfort and finances? We are your perfect choice. Contact Rocket Cooling for AC repair, installation and maintenance services in LaBelle, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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