What You Should Know About Air Conditioner SEER Ratings

When buying a new air conditioner, you need to consider some key things, such as price and its warranty. The cost refers to more than what you pay because you also need to think about how much you spend to operate it. Read on to learn about air conditioner SEER ratings so you can invest in the most energy-efficient cooling system for your Marathon, FL, home.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating

The first thing you need to know about SEER is what it means. This acronym stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and appears on the box or packaging on every AC system available for sale. Choosing an AC system with a higher rating lets you know that it’s more efficient and uses less energy to keep your home cool.

Don’t assume that this number never changes because different conditions can affect it. You might find that it costs more to run your air conditioner when Marathon is in the middle of a heatwave or when you have dirty vents. Think about SEER like you would the mpg of your car and how road conditions change your car’s efficiency.

SEER Figures

One of the best things about modern air conditioners is that they’re much more efficient than earlier models. If you ever used an old AC system from the 1980s or even the 1970s, it likely had a rating of around eight. That’s why an air conditioner costs so much.

Modern AC systems usually have a number in the mid-teens. A number of around 14-16 is suitable for most homes but may not help much with the humidity in Marathon. You’ll also find systems with a SEER in the low 20s, with some having a SEER of up to 24.

A common mistake made by some Florida shoppers is that they assume the system will always have the same efficiency. Your experience will vary from day to day. It’s possible to have a higher rating late at night when the temperature drops and a lower rating when the AC system needs to use more power to keep your Marathon home cool as the outside temperature rises.

Florida Minimum

All AC systems sold in Florida must meet the minimum SEER standards. When you buy a new air conditioner, it must have a SEER of 14 or higher. The Department of Energy established this rule as a way to help those who live in hot climates.

As long as you buy from a reputable company, you should have no problem finding an AC with this rating. Rocket Cooling can help you pick one that works with your home’s square footage and your budget. Even if you need to run the AC system all day for weeks at a time, the low rating will help you avoid high energy bills.

Why Should You Choose an AC System With a High Rating?

The biggest reason to choose an AC system with a higher SEER is because of the savings you can enjoy. It tells you that you can save on your energy bills and that you can use the system as often as you like. All types of air conditioners are available with a high rating.

Keep in mind that this rating can help you see how quickly the system will cool your home. You’ll also enjoy consistent temperatures as the AC system will stay within a few degrees of the range you want. When you replace an old system with one that has a higher rating, you should see the benefits on your next energy bill.

The only issue or downside you might have is that the SEER affects the price. While those with a rating in the mid-teens are usually affordable, those with a higher SEER cost more. The repairs they need are often higher, too. A professional can help you find the right an AC system with the high rating needed for your home that fits within your budget.

Buying a New Air Conditioner

Rocket Cooling can help you navigate through the world of air conditioning systems to help you find those that keep up with Marathon weather. Call us to check on the SEER figures for the systems that interest you or to schedule AC maintenance.

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