6 Signs You Need a New Heat Pump Installation

If you’re a homeowner with a heat pump, you want it to serve you for as long as possible. However, there comes a time when replacement becomes inevitable. Below are six warning signs that you require a new heat pump installation for your home in LaBelle, FL.

Need for Frequent Repairs

Over the years of use, your heat pump sustains wear and tear. This increases the likelihood that its components will break down more often than usual. If you have to call the local contractor several times during the season, it might just be time to invest in a new heat pump installation.

Frequent heat pump repairs are quite costly. It may make more financial sense if you purchase a new system, especially if you’d end up spending more than half the cost of a new one on repairs. Furthermore, a new heat pump installation is more efficient in maintaining the desired temperature.

Reduced Airflow

Air flows through the vents to provide you cool or warm air. If you notice the airflow is lower than usual, there might be a problem with the heat pump.

It’s not uncommon for there to be an issue with your unit’s compressor, among other components. Consult with your local contractor to check whether it requires repairs or it’s time for a new heat pump installation.

Strange Noises and Odors

Usually, a properly functioning heat pump operates relatively quietly. Since you’re familiar with your unit, you’ll easily notice any changes in the noise it produces. Minor sounds could show that it needs some fixing and some components are loose.

Sounds like rattling, screeching or buzzing indicate a more serious concern. It would be best if you called a skilled service technician. They will inspect the cause of the issue and determine if it requires repairs or replacement.

Bad smells also point to a heat pump issue. Unusual odors compromise the indoor air quality putting your family at risk of respiratory complications. Hiring an expert would help in determining whether you should repair or acquire a new heat pump.

Significant Increase in Energy Bills

Although the utility bills fluctuate depending on the season, a sudden rise shows you have an issue with the heat pump. If you aren’t doing anything differently yet the energy expenses skyrocket, conduct an audit to determine why the bills are rising.

Don’t opt for a new unit before identifying the cause of the issue. Probably, it’s because the heat pump isn’t using energy efficiently. Maybe it’s overworking due to a dirty filter.

Try changing the filter first. If that doesn’t don’t solve the problem, schedule an inspection and heat pump installation consultation.

Your Home No longer Feels Comfortable

Does the heat pump struggle or can’t keep the desired temperature? This is common if the heat pump is nearing the end of its lifespan. Sometimes, it could be an issue with your thermostat or a broken or damaged component.

Seek expert opinion to determine the cause. If the problem doesn’t go away after repairs, installing a new unit will make you feel comfortable right away.

Heat Pump Leaks

Sometimes, you might find some water around the outdoor unit of the heating system. Although this is a normal occurrence, if the dripping is too much and lasts for several days, it would be best to call a repair expert.

It’s a safety concern since electrical components cause shock when in contact with water. Depending on the cause of the leak, the expert will recommend repair or replacement.

Are you looking for a reliable company that provides excellent heating and cooling solutions? Look no further, as our experts offer quality services to keep your home comfortable throughout the year and guarantee customer satisfaction. Call Rocket Cooling for heat pump installation services in LaBelle, FL, and the surrounding cities.

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