How to Use Your Heat Pump More Efficiently

You need your heat pump to cool your home. But are you sure that it’s running as smoothly as it can? Answering this question and doing something about it will lead to savings on your monthly cooling bill. Here’s what you can do to ensure that you’re using your heat pump efficiently:

Remove Obstructions to Airflow

The heat pump should have no trouble circulating air through your home. Anything that obstructs the flow will build up pressure in the vents and wear down the motor prematurely.

You can do at least two things to ensure good airflow: replace the air filter at the appropriate time and move any rugs or furniture that are blocking the supply vents. Filters need replacing every 30-90 days.

Clean the Compressor Outside

The compressor is the portion that blows out the heat gathered from your home. By cleaning the grille and removing any dead leaves and other obstructions, you can ensure that no heat returns to the indoors. Consequently, your heat pump will cool your home in a reasonable time.

Program the Thermostat

If you own a programmable thermostat, create a cooling schedule so that the heat pump isn’t running when everyone is out or asleep. In addition, keep the set point in the upper 70s if possible. That way, the heat pump won’t run so much, and you’ll still stay comfortable.

Request Regular Maintenance

Heat pumps that get routine maintenance perform better. It typically includes a visual inspection, coil cleaning, performance testing, minor adjustments and repairs.

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