Dangers of Dirty Air Ducts and Why You Need to Schedule Duct Cleaning

Dirty air ducts are the most underestimated health hazard in your West Palm Beach, FL, home. It’s not just that dirty air can trigger allergies and other respiratory problems. Dirty air ducts can become a breeding ground for bacteria and microbial growth. Here are five ways dirty air ducts can harm your family’s health and why you need to schedule duct cleaning service:

Collect Dust and Debris

Dirty air ducts are the perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth that can make you sick. This happens when dust, dirt, pollen and other particles settle on the air ducts. Bacteria can feed on this debris when trapped in the vents and then multiply fast enough to cause health problems for you and your loved ones.

Trigger Allergies and Asthma

If you’re allergic to dust, dirt or pollen, having a contaminated air duct is a recipe for disaster. Having dirty air ducts in your home means having somewhere for particles to settle, accumulate and multiply. If you have allergies or asthma, this will trigger your symptoms. That’s why scheduling periodic duct cleaning service is so essential.

Can Cause Sudden Death

Elevated levels of carbon dioxide are not only dangerous to your health, but they can also be fatal. In one study, researchers found that people who spent three hours breathing air from a dirty air duct experienced an elevation in carbon dioxide levels that was almost twice the safe level for every breath. If you experience exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide, it could cause a dangerous heart attack or seizure.

Allow Microbial to Grow

Microbial is everywhere, even inside your home. When you have dirty air ducts, microbial can grow inside the ducts and cause serious health problems. It can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation and many other health issues.

Do you need to schedule a duct cleaning service? Contact Rocket Cooling today. We’ll make sure every nook and cranny of your air ducts is as clean as possible.

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